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Lords of the Fallen roadmap outlines new spells, questlines and more for 2023

During a surprise announcement, Hexworks, the developer of the recently released Soulslike Lords of the Fallen, revealed several free updates are coming to the game.

Saül Gascon, the Head of the Studio at Hexworks, also released a statement regarding the commitment from the developer and what’s to come.

“At Hexworks, we’re incredibly proud of the open relationship we’re fostering with our community. We are actively listening to their constructive feedback and working diligently to deliver what we believe, collectively, will elevate Lords of the Fallen even further. Every addition to the game is a labour of love, as we strive to push both it and the genre’s boundaries,” affirmed Saül Gascon, Head of the Studio.

If it sounds like the developer hasn’t given up on Lords of the Fallen, you’d be correct. A roadmap has been released that details the remainder of updates for 2023. Seeing how we’re in November 2023, this will be a ton of updates before the year ends. This doesn’t include what the plans for 2024 will include.

Lords of the Fallen roadmap

These updates will include ongoing updates for the stability, performance, co-op/PVP, rebalancing, and more. All of these are sorely needed, especially since the stability and performance of the game has been an ongoing issue for Lords of the Fallen, for both the PC and consoles. There are many framerate issues, as well as hitching caused by constant saving, which is a major issue. Regarding Co-op and PVP, both are in a terrible state that needs to be addressed before gamers decide to give up on it. I recently released an article about my frustration with both game modes.

There will be additional spells, new grievous strikers, secret boss weapon abilities, new questlines to acquire some Radiant Umbral and Rhogar armors, and finally, a stash to move all this junk in our inventory elsewhere.

While I’ve complained about the game’s performance, I give Hexworks credit for staying on top of the issues with the game. They have been cranking out updates to get the game in a better condition. While I feel that the game should have been delayed for a few months, the transparency they are showing and the commitment are hopeful that the game will get to where fans of Soulslikes want it to be.

They are receptive to feedback, as Hexworks has addressed the enemy density, boss difficulty (I didn’t think they were that bad), and restored vestigates to NG+ mode. I’m looking forward to seeing what shape the game will be after a few more updates.

Lords of the Fallen is available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can read my review of Lords of the Fallen here.