Light Novel ContRact to be Released as an eBook on December 19

Vic’s Lab, LLC, has announced that Brandon Nowakowski’s urban fantasy light novel “ContRact” will be released on Dec. 19 as a timed exclusive on Amazon Kindle. The ebook is priced at $5.99, and preorders are available now at Vic’s Lab, LLC, is serving as the distributor for the ebook.


Vic’s Lab describes ContRact as follows:

“Desire. Terms. Payment. Every contract needs them. There are rumors circulating that if you find a blank contract asking for only these things, you can fill out whatever you wish, and it’ll happen.

“College student Issa Aono dismisses this as just another urban legend … at least until the mysterious paper he finds is accidentally covered in blood and summons an interdimensional wish-granting vampire!

“It doesn’t help that she has no idea how to actually fulfill his contract and is now stuck as his roommate.

“As Issa adjusts to his bizarre new living conditions, he soon discovers that the world around him is influenced more by these contracts than he could ever have guessed.”

The book was first released in a serialized format as a timed exclusive on Kindle Vella. The serialized version is divided into episodes with the first three episodes free to read. Episodes can be unlocked with Kindle Vella tokens. It can be found by searching “ContRact by Brandon Nowakowski” on

Vic’s Lab, LLC, is the first U.S. publisher focused on original English light novels (OELNs). OELNs are books similar to Japanese light novels but originally written in English. The company focuses on fans of young adult science fiction and fantasy books — especially those who also like superhero movies, anime, video games, and similar media.

The company has a social network at for light novel and superhero book fans. Members can read or post stories and connect with fans and authors.

Source: Press Release