L.C. Star

L.C. Star

L.C. Star is a Mexican-Salvadorian American writer who grew up traveling not only the Southwest of America but on the wings of her fantasies inspired by anime, manga, video games, and so much more. She has a focus on isekai, fantasy, magical girl, and horror (though not always at the same time). She’s really excited to burst into the genre to hopefully connect with not just other writers but to touch people’s lives with her words. She started writing at 12 years old, starting with fanfiction, so she is raring to go with her more original ideas! If she’s not writing, you can find her watching anime, playing video games, trying to code something for fun, or learning something new!

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Why Can’t I Pick Up Girls?
But I Love Her
My Dakimakura Can’t Be This Cute


Twitter: http://twitter.com/basicbaka


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