How Will Multiplayer Work In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Multiplayer is a very important feature of any video game, as it allows players to play with their friends and family but also make new ones, whether that be in a Discord server or finding them in public lobbies. Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been waiting for a while to finally be able to explore their friend’s valley, and this is a feature that fans will finally be able to do in the December 5 update. In the recent showcase for DDLV, we were told about the new content that would be added to the game and told more in-depth about what we’d be able to do in the multiplayer mode.

This Is What We Know About Multiplayer In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley will officially receive its next free-to-play update on December 5th, bringing some new characters, features, and content to the valley. We saw a lot of this teased in the roadmap for the near future of DDLV. Some of the new characters we are to see are Gaston, Rapzunel, and Eve. On top of that, players will be able to purchase the DLC/expansion, which will unlock a whole new world for players to travel to and decorate.

During the gameplay shown at the showcase, fans were shown how they would be able to travel to their friend’s Valleys in what looks like a lobby of four players, including yourself. Taking on the theme of Animal Crossing New: Horizons even more, players will be able to check their friend’s shops as they might have some different items from theirs to purchase. Another similarity is that players will be able to trade items – it isn’t confirmed what items will be tradable, but furniture and clothing aren’t a part of those items from what we know so far.

Players will be able to use what is called ValleyVerse. This is where everyone will be able to connect with their friends. This will be coming to the free update on December 5 and won’t require the new Expansion Pass to be accessed. Players will be able to connect to their friends and visit their Valley within the ValleyVerse, as well as play what seems to be mini-games. This will be the first update to bring something game-changing to Expansion Pass, and players all around the world are excited for it.