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Gerry Hines

Gerry Hines

My stories have always been influenced and inspired by anime and JRPGs, so switching to the light novel format was natural and inevitable.

I tend to blend urban fantasy, sci-fi, wacky humor, and psychological/philosophical themes.

Many of my characters are teenagers and young adults with superpowers. I’m still learning how to properly hold a writing utensil.


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Book Links 

ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ Book 1: Pathology of the Grand Design
ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ Book 2: Deals with Nature
Perfect World
Made from Sapphire
The Integrity of the Super Club Vol. 1


Website: https://www.gerryhinesofficial.com/solo-works
Twitter: http://twitter.com/gerryberryhines
Facebook: http://facebook.com/MadeFromSapphire


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