Genshin Impact Features French Musical Actress Cécilia Cara in Its Latest Story Original Soundtrack

Genshin Impact’s latest story features an emotive and powerful singing from the world-famous French musical actress and singer Cécilia Cara.  The song “La vaguelette” is a story OST debuted in a cutscene of Genshin Impact’s Version 4.2 “Masquerade of the Guilty” just launched on Nov 8. The cutscene is part of the Story Quest of the new playable character and important role Furina who is known as the God of Justice and Archon of Fontaine in previous stories.

In the storyline, Furina makes a stage performance, and her singing part is delivered by Cécilia Cara. The lyrics are in French, and the song is composed by Dimeng Yuan at HOYO-MiX and produced by HOYO-MiX.  Cécilia Cara is a French musical actress and singer best known for playing the role of Juliet in the French musical “Romeo and Juliet” 

Watch the Extended Play MV “La vaguelette”

You can also watch the original cutscene in which the song premiered

Source: Press Release