Super Mario Bros Wonder

Gamers Almost Had A Tsundere Commentator in Super Mario Bros Wonder

The thing that people forget about video games is that sometimes developers toss in wacky ideas to try and get something to stick. And when you’re making a game like Super Mario Bros Wonder, where there are all SORTS of wacky things being tossed around, you never know what’s going to be mentioned or thought up. Nintendo has been highlighting several developer interviews with the main team, and there have been several unique revelations about the efforts that went into making the game. But one revelation has definitely gotten gamers’ eyebrows to raise.

In this particular interview, the team noted that they threw out the idea of having a “Live Commentary” during the game to comment on how gamers were doing as they went through the levels. A “unique” idea, but not unheard of across multiple genres. However, this is where things get freaky because one of the commentators that they tested out was someone with a Tsundere style. For those who aren’t anime/manga partakers, that means that the person will generally be mean to you but occasionally show affection to you because they’re secretly not-so-bad. In other words, it’s something that’s VERY Japanese regarding their media. And the funny thing about this idea…?

“According to our play test records, quite a few people were switching to the Tsundere commentary.”

Yep, not only did they try it out, but YOU PEOPLE liked it! So why isn’t it in the main game? It would’ve taken a LOT of effort to make it work. But oh, if we could find out how many people went the “Tsundere Route”…

Oh yeah, and Super Mario Bros Wonder comes out on Friday!