Dragon Ball Daima Announced at New York Comic-Con, Releases in Fall 2024

It’s been years since Dragon Ball Super ended, and fans of the iconic series have been waiting to see what’s next, and now we finally know. Dragon Ball Daima, as it’s being called, will see all of the iconic Dragon Ball characters turned de-aged, and it seems, as well as the Supreme Kai. The news of this new Dragon Ball anime was revealed during New York Comic-Con 2023.

This doesn’t look to be a continuation of Dragon Ball Super but a new anime that will sit between the events of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Honestly, I wanted more of Super, more exciting fights that will be taking place after it, or even ongoing manga turned into an anime. Seeing Freiza Black in action with Goku and Vegeta needing to up their peers would have been fun. Sadly, this is just more… dare I say it, Dragon Ball GT, with everyone becoming kids.

Check out the trailer for Dragon Ball: Daima below.

Dragon Ball Daima will launch in Fall 2024, so we still have a while to wait before this show airs.

What do you think about this new Dragon Ball show? Are you happy that we’re getting some new Dragon Ball, or are you frustrated? Let us know in the comments.