Dark and Deep Steam Page is Live

What is Dark and Deep?
This is a horror, mystery, exploration game with puzzle elements throughout. Developed by renowned game professor Walter Woods from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Listen to the in game podcast and experience the unraveling as what you hear becomes too close to home. Become embroiled in a dramatic tale of intrigue and betrayal where the real and surreal collide.

This game is meant to be thought provoking and “deep” yet delivered in a short form through one sitting.

-Press Release

Dark and Deep is now live on Steam. It also has a very nice description of what to expect in this game on the Steam Page.

“You play as Samuel Judge, a loyal fan of the mysterious conspiracy podcast, “Dark and Deep”. Plunged into a shadowy and dangerous landscape, you must survive… and you are not alone.

Use magical picture frames to fight hidden creatures and reveal important objects. The frames are windows into a terrifying world, but also tools to banish the darkness. Unveil the conspiracy before the shadows swallow you.

Listen to the podcast. Experience the unraveling as your favorite conspiracy podcast comes too close to home. Become embroiled in a dramatic tale of intrigue and betrayal where the real and surreal collide.

Solve physics puzzles using powerful ancient machines of cryptic origin. Manipulate gravity and clear a path through the deadly fog. Use precious embers of light in the darkness to show your way. But beware… The creatures in the shadows want nothing more than to steal your light.

Dark and Deep features a totally unique aesthetic, which uses the art of 19th century master artist, Gustave Doré as the textures for much of the game. Doré was legendary for his detailed black and white illustrations of mythological and historical scenes. Dark and Deep uses his aesthetic to tell a surreal cosmic horror story where the boundaries of sanity and reality are bent and broken.

  • Unveil hidden secrets and lurking enemies with a collection of mystical frames given to you by a mysterious observer.
  • Battle what lurks in the shadows using your frames and ancient supernatural machines discovered in the world. Don’t let what hides in the deadly darkness steal away your light.
  • Survive in a cryptic and surreal world filled with dangerous inhabitants and challenging puzzles.

Dark and Deep will be a short, high quality experience. The playtime will be 2-3 hours, but perhaps longer if you uncover every secret.”

Dark and Deep is currently slated for sometime 2024 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.