Che Lingo x Crunchyroll Team Up for New Soundtrack Celebrating Anime

Crunchyroll, the ultimate home for anime worldwide, is announcing today its one-of-a-kind partnership with UK-based rapper and lifelong anime fan Che Lingo, for an original song created to celebrate Crunchyroll’s 2023 Fall anime season.

Che Lingo

The soundtrack, “LIFETIME,” is a melodic reflection of key themes within anime, featuring MIKU NAKAMURA (Cö shu Nie). Like Che Lingo, whose discography includes several soundtracks from hit dark fantasy series JUJUTSU KAISEN, Cö shu Nie contributed to the fan-favorite show with its first season ending theme, “give it back.”

After exploring the themes of ‘dark fantasy’ and ‘epic battles’ as a starting point, Che Lingo developed a song that reflects ‘opposite sides,’ – leaning into the duality of dark and light. The lyrics in “LIFETIME” echo the journey of shonen protagonists where fan-favorite characters need to overcome the hardships and challenges that arise during their adventures. MIKU’s lighter vocals provide the perfect complement to Che Lingo’s heavier and darker bars, mirroring how shonen heroes look to the light in order to overcome every obstacle.

“Writing and composing ‘LIFETIME’ for Crunchyroll is a historic moment in both our respective timelines. It’s a unique collaboration and the first of its kind, so I’m grateful to help move the needle in so many ways, especially as an independent artist,” said Che Lingo. “Anime inspires so much freedom, and we were able to exercise that creatively to the beat of a unique drum to show a genuine connection between anime, music and story-telling, manifesting a moment we can all celebrate through ‘LIFETIME’. I hope the sentiment lasts as long as the title suggests.”

Fans can listen to a selection of the song while watching the Crunchyroll fall seasonal trailer available on the Crunchyroll YouTube channel. The full song will soon be available to stream globally on Spotify.

“Che Lingo is an authentic anime fan and this collaboration marks the first time Crunchyroll has partnered to produce a single in celebration of this dynamic artform,” said Ariane Sunder, VP of Emerging & Regional Markets at Crunchyroll. “Both Che and MIKU understand the passion and power of anime, so we’re excited for fans to enjoy ‘LIFETIME’ as they select their next series to stream.”

The exciting Crunchyroll 2023 Fall anime lineup available to stream this season includes a variety of new and continuing anime, such as  JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2, the fantasy adventure Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, the long-running swashbuckling epic One Piece, and the post-apocalyptic adventure anime Dr. STONE New World, and many more. All updated information about the Crunchyroll 2023 Fall anime slate can be found on Crunchyroll News.

Source: Press Release