Blade Chimera Trailer Reaction – Studying The Blade

The Outerhaven’s Getselious & Sithscott react to the newest announcement trailer of the recently announced 2D action platformer Blade Chimera, which is full of action and exploration—The variety of uses this one sword has is astronomical. Saving the future with guns and a sword! Explore Dark Osaka as the Demon Hunter Shin. Battle demons to recollect your lost skills and to recall the details of your past and your missing wife in this exciting occult-inspired cyberpunk Metroidvania featuring a unique skill tree system.

You play as Shin, a Demon Hunter who has lost his memories and is now exploring the world together with his sword—the transformed Lumina demon Lux—recollecting memories about yourself, your missing wife, and skills you’ve forgotten. Each time you recollect a lost skill, Lux changes form according to the will of her wielder, making Shin stronger and granting access to more areas of the world.

Blade Chimera is currently in development for the PC and Nintendo Switch by Team Ladybug, WSS playground, and there isn’t a release date yet.