ABLAZE and Azuki Announces New Titles at Anime NYC

During their Anime NYC Industry Panel, Azuki announced several new titles. The following were announced:

  • Immortal Regis – New chapters to release every Tuesday
  • Savage Garden – First 8 chapters available now, more to come soon
  • One Hundred Tales – Complete series available now
  • Gloomy Bear: Apocalyptic Love – Available now
  • My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files – Chapters 1-27 available now, new simulpub chapters on the 1st Monday of every month
  • Natsume & Natsume – Chapters 1 – 33.2 available now, new chapters every Friday

New Licenses

  • Our Aimless Nights
  • You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei

New Catalog Additions

  • A Devotion That Changes Worlds
  • My Sadistic Boyfriend
  • Who Wants To Play?
  • Garuda
  • Immoral
  • Split Story
  • A Long Stay
  • I’ll Quit Travelling

In addition to this, Azuki announced a new feature where readers can now purchase an entire volume of manga and then read all of the chapters contained within that volume on both the mobile app and web app! Volume prices also receive a discount if you are a premium user!

Source: Anime NYC Industry Panel