Z2 Rocks NYCC with Rock & Roll’s Heaviest Hitters

 Z2 is set to raise their fist in celebration of their music creators this October at New York Comic Con with plans to host multiple signings at their booth, debut new titles, and participate in panels.

Z2 Comics will invade New York Comic Con in October with an array of talent appearing in support of current and upcoming graphic novels. While days and times are yet to be finalized, among those confirmed include Halestorm, GWAR, Alan Robert of Life Of Agony, and Dee Snider of the legendary Twisted Sister.

The entire band of Halestorm, including Lzzy Hale, will appear at NYCC 2023 in support of their graphic novel entitled Hyde Manor released in late August 2023. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2012 EP Hello, It’s Mz Hyde and its ensuing LP, The Strange Case Of…, the Hyde Manor graphic novel depicts the members of Halestorm encountering sinister doppelgangers of themselves. Within the decrepit halls of Hyde Manor, mirror reflections independently talk back and photographs transform to reveal sordid prophecies, leading the band to slowly succumb to madness while recording a new album. The tale creaks and twists with doom-filled revelations, perfectly tied to Halestorm’s scorching discography. Twins Brittany and Brianna Winner (the Twin Soul series), artist Sara Scalia, cover artist Alison Sampson, and colorist DJ Alonso weave a tale of the celebrated group as they seek refuge in the titular Hyde Manor—a sprawling gothic estate perched on the remote end of the Oregon Coast.

GWAR will also be attending NYCC to promote In the Duoverse Of Absurdity released earlier this year. The story follows the band into the multiverse where they encounter alternate versions of themselves from another dimension, forcing GWAR to defend their universe from the intruders. If unleashed upon the universe, these dark mirror incarnations would dominate and subjugate all of humanity to the will of The Master. In the Duoverse Of Absurdity is co-written by GWAR rhythm guitarist Michael Derks and singer Matt Maguire, with art by Andy MacDonald (2020 Machine Man) and Shane White (Negative Burn).

The legendary Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider will be on hand to support He’s Not Gonna Take It set to be released in late November. This new graphic novel will follow the impact of Dee’s battle for freedom of expression in the arts throughout his life. From a childhood where he was frequently silenced, through the early efforts to stifle his band’s music, to the open warfare of the PMRC hearings in Washington DC, and his current efforts on social media. He’s Not Gonna Take It tells the story of why free speech is so important to this man who has fought for it…even when it endangered everything that was important to him.

Comic creator and bassist for the heavy metal band Life of Agony, Alan Robert will be signing copies of his just released Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power graphic novel exclusive cover at the Z2 booth. He’s created popular graphic novels such as Wire Hangers, Crawl to Me, and Killogy, as well as a horror-themed adult coloring book series called The Beauty of Horror.

Finally, on Sunday, over a dozen contributors of the 2023 Eisner-winning and 2023 Ringo-winning The Illustrated Al, will be in attendance at the Z2 booth signing the “Weird Al” Yankovic art book for fans for the first time ever. Guests include Billy Plympton, Steve Chanks, Ryan Dunlavey, Patrick McQuade, Sean Pryor, and project editor, Josh Bernstein.

Source: Press Release