PlayStation Backbone One Mobile Controller-01
Image: Backbone, Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Android Backbone One Controller Works with New iPhone 15

While there are currently two versions of Backbone’s mobile controller for Apple iPhones and Android devices, with the recent announcement of Apple’s iPhone 15 using USB-C, there’s soon to be just one. With the reveal of the new iPhone 15 and every iPhone finally getting a USB-C connection, it’s good that Backbone eventually went on to create a version of its popular controller for Android devices.

Backbone has confirmed that if you already own an Android version of the Backbone, all Backbone USB-C products now feature universal compatibility with all USB-C phones, including both Android and iPhone 15 devices. In addition, they have started selling the black and PlayStation Edition Backbone One for the iPhone with the updated USB-C Connection.

The downside is if you want to pick up the iPhone 15 but already have a Backbone One for the iPhone, you’ll have to buy yet another one, currently priced at $100. The Lightning connection version will remain available for those with older iPhones. Sadly, that’s just how tech works, and I agree it does stink.

Backbone One PlayStation Edition

We reviewed the Backbone One For Android PlayStation Edition in June 2023 and found it one of the better mobile controllers for Android devices. And while we didn’t get a chance to review one for the Apple iPhone due to us not using iPhones for gaming, I’d imagine the same holds true for that version.