Pokemon 151 Cards Release Tomorrow Including Holo Energy Cards?

The anticipated latest series of Pokemon cards is set to release tomorrow, Friday, September 22, 2023. This series of cards has been something that Pokemon fans have been looking forward to since they were announced back over the summer, promising to bring back classic Pokemon early gens of the franchise.

151 Pokemon Have Holo Energy Cards?

Something that is really exciting about this series of cards is that players will once again see Holo Energy cards, which haven’t been seen since Sword and Shield. Now, having these in Scarlet and Violet is exciting and will add some extra sparkle to anyone’s deck with these shiny Holo energy cards.

While these holo cards are still semi-rare, they have a high pull rate, so anyone who plans to get a bunch of packs up front will most likely pull one, two, or even three right off the bat. I personally think that these holo-energy cards are stunning, and I am pleased to see them have finally made their way into the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet card series.

Right now, a lot of stores are showing these cards as still out of stock or “coming soon,” but these will be ready to go out for those wanting them on Friday or available in local shops and stores. So far, there are a couple of different booster boxes, including a trainer box and a bundle that comes with a matching binder for keeping your cards safe. The trainer box obviously comes with all the necessities that one would need for playing Pokemon TCG, including dice, card sleeves, and more.

It is no lie that these cards will be one that everyone loves, considering just how many stunning rare cards there are of everyone’s beloved Pokemon from their childhood. Here’s to hoping that this is yet another great run of Pokemon cards.