Oni Press Reveals Five Randomized Dialogue Covers for THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1

Oni Press is proud to announce a brand-new initiative delivering five unique and randomized dialogue balloons onto the cover of THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1 (of 3) – the gargantuan, 48-page debut coming from rising star Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, XINO) and legendary artist Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin, The Beef) on October 18th!

Retailers, be advised: Shaky Kane’s A cover for MAN FROM MAYBE #1

(Diamond: AUG232099 | Lunar:0823ON569) will be printed with five different dialogue balloons. All will be distributed with the same UPC code. Copies of the different balloons will be randomly distributed across all Cover A orders with no guarantee of precise allotments.

As with every other creator-owned, single-issue release from Oni Press through the end of 2023, THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1 is fully returnable for retailers who order a minimum of five copies of Cover A-C in any combination.

“It’s fun, a bit silly, something extra for readers to keep an eye out for, and, most importantly –it’s comics!” said writer Jordan Thomas. “And I think that our series really embraces being a comic with big characters, high stakes and Shaky’s imagination just being let loose on the page.”

“Word balloons are a welcome addition to any cover,” added artist Shaky Kane. “And especially on a high-octane, pure comic book read like THE MAN FROM MAYBE. Takes me right back to my ‘Go-Go checkered’ childhood, when four-colored wonders ruled the spinner racks! Now, if only $6.95 Polaris Nuclear Submarine adverts were still a thing.”

Amidst the irradiated plains walks a legend who is more than man…BEWARE THE MAN FROM MAYBE!

In the dry and dead future that’s coming soon, all life belongs to Oppenheimer-obsessed billionaire Harvard Denny and his corporate scavengers from Smile, Inc., who pillage the wastelands in search of atomic contraband.

But when a hyper-advanced vessel of possibly alien origin crashlands on the outer edge of Denny’s empire of neon-lit ruins, will it bring promise or poison to a distorted world?

As the race to acquire the ship’s cargo begins, our fate will be decided by a masked bandit and the cold iron of his laser rifle. He knows no name, no home, no surrender—only the whispered hush of those in need who dare call him…THE MAN FROM MAYBE!

Give yourself over to an upside-down world where all mutants eat lead and all dinosaurs speak truth in the DOUBLE-SIZED, 48-PAGE DEBUT of a postmodern, post apocalyptic joyride from writer Jordan Thomas and artist Shaky Kane in THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1 (of 3) – on shelves October 18th with a downright demolishing line-up of covers, led by “Swaggerin’” Shaky Kane himself alongside “Dazzlin’” David Rubín (Black Hammer, Cosmic Detective) and “Nice” Nick Cagnetti (Pink Lemonade)!

Source: Press Release