One Piece Live Action Netflix Series Renewed For Season 2

If you are as pleased with the One Piece Live Action series as I am, then the new Netflix announcement will be as exciting to you as it was for me. They have announced that Season 2 has been greenlit by Netflix using Oda as the man to announce it to the world!

Those who are fans of the anime know that the next crew member to join the crew is a certain “not raccoon dog” doctor named Chopper! That means we will get to finally see what Live Action One Piece has in store to make a reindeer move and talk in live-action and how that will work. I am hoping we get a Muppet like the Snails.

One Piece’s Live Action adaptation by Netflix was received with much praise for the way it adapted the source material into the live-action medium. It did not follow the manga directly but it did follow most of the plot beats as well as the main theme of the series. Having Oda be one of the heads of the series has helped it stay grounded in the real world but still has the whimsical nature of the series.

Even though it was renewed, odds are the production will take a great deal of time for it to be the same quality as the first season of the show. Don’t expect us to get much more news about the second season until it is ready to move forward with filming, which may be even longer due to the Actor and Writer strikes going on in Hollywood.