Key art and logo for Par of the Dungeon

Mini Golf Meets Dungeon Crawler, Par For The Dungeon

Sleeping Giant, a Toronto-based indie development team, officially announced their stylized golf puzzle game, Par for the Dungeon is releasing on Windows PC, Android, and iOS on October 17, 2023. Originally created as a bite-sized experience during the Blackthornprod Game Jam in 2021 by studio co-founder Josh Cappelli, Sleeping Giant has since spent the past year building the game up for a full release with 4 unique worlds and over 100 levels!

Just like regular golf, the goal of Par is to get Cal, the game’s heroic golf ball, into the hole at the end of each level in as few moves as possible. Blocking their path are bizarre obstacles, puzzling contraptions, and treacherous Bogeys! Guide Cal through each level with approachable controls and get the upper hand by buying items from the shop like grapple hooks and laser wands! During Cal’s adventure, you’ll travel across quaint towns, snowy crypts, and fungal forests as you play through over 100 utterly unique levels, all polished with Sleeping Giant’s signature visuals.

Some of you might even be familiar with the studio or Par itself as the studio has been openly cataloguing the game’s development on YouTube over a series of DevLogs. Having spent the previous 3 years developing an incredibly confidential project only for it to be cancelled before release, the team wanted to take the exact opposite approach on their latest endeavour and give everyone a behind the scenes look at all the complex and niche work that goes into a game like Par. On the channel you can check out everything from playtest sessions to how the trailer included with today’s announcement was made.

Grab the premium version of the game on Steam for $4.99USD or pick up the separate free-to-play version on iOS and Android when Par for the Dungeon releases on October 17, 2023.

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