KADOKAWA Releases Two GAMERA Manga Titles

KADOKAWA CORPORATION is pleased to announce that both comic spin-off of  the anime “GAMERA -Rebirth-”, “GAMERA-Rebirth- code thyrsos”, whose stories set in 100,000 years before the world of the anime, and TATESC “GAMERA -Rebirth-“, which is the full-color vertical-scroll comic version of the anime, will become available at several ebook stores, including  BOOK WALKER Global.


Gamera has been the beloved kaiju series, and its new anime series, consisting of 6 episodes, “GAMERA-Rebirth-”  has been released worldwide on Netflix from 7th September.

The first episodes of “GAMERA-Rebirth- code thyrsos” and TATESC “GAMERA-Rebirth-” are becoming available from 8th September and 29th September respectively. The TATESC  “GAMERA-Rebirth-” follows the story of its anime, while“GAMERA-Rebirth- code thyrsos” is a story about how KAIJU was born. In this manga you will learn how an ordinary boy grew up to become a scientist who will turn the world to chaos.

Source: Press Release