Job Lust Anthology is Now Live on Kickstarter

Author Nomina Gekamiya has announced that their newest work, Job Lust, is now live on Kickstarter!

Job Lust is a collection of short stories written collaboratively with other authors. The stories aim to explore more mature themes.

Some of the stories include an affair between a CEO and his secretive office lady, the tumultuous double life of an uprising idol star, the electrifying relationship of a sadistic prison warden and her ex-convict, and the spine-chilling realm of supernatural seduction involving a mysterious shrine maiden.

Job Lust is looking to release in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats.  Backer rewards include alarm ringtones, SFW and NSFW posters, keychains, a hardcover edition, bookmarks, t-shirt, and other perks.

To back the projectdo so at the following link:

Nomina Gekamiya has also authored The Golden Catalyst which reached its goal and has been published by Animon Works.

Source: Email Communication