Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Reveal

Is The Next 3D Mario Title Coming To The Nintendo Switch Successor?

There have been plenty of rumors flying around recently about Nintendo and its plans for the future. Specifically, there are numerous rumors about the next system that is rumored to be released in about a year’s time. What it is, what it will be like, and more are heavily up for debate, not that there hasn’t been a score of rumors trying to predict everything about it. Case in point, a new “report” from the rumor revealer Zippo notes that there is something big on the way for the Nintendo Switch successor featuring Mario.

According to his “report” (and it should be noted he’s always had a spotty “reveal record,) EPD Tokyo (who makes various titles set with the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom) is working on the next 3D Mario title, and it’s set to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch successor. It won’t be a sequel to Odyssey, and it’ll be a fully open-world title in the vein of other recent Nintendo games. He also adds that insiders say it’s “absolutely jaw-dropping” in terms of graphics.

Can we believe this? Hard to say. It would make sense for Nintendo to put their prized mascot as a focus point of their next console launch. But until Nintendo says something? It’s just rumors.