How to catch a fish in Sea of Stars
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How to fish in Sea of Stars successfully

Being able to fish in Sea of Stars successfully will help you net seafood for your party. You can make recipes with what you catch. We have a few tips to share when it comes to the fishing mini-game in Sea of Stars. Here’s to perform well in this endeavor.

How to reel in fish in Sea of Stars
Screenshot by The Outerhaven

How to reel in fish in Sea of Stars

Throughout the world of Sea of Starsthere are many fishing spots. You can spot them on the map by a jumping fish from a pond of water. Each area has specific sea creatures you can catch with your cast. For example, the Sunglow Lake has Lunar Trout and Man o’ War.

Once you arrive in one of these fishing spots, head up to the wooden platform and press your action button. On PC, it’s the spacebar. The cast can go a far length or a short distance. Press the reel button outlined on the bottom right of the screen to confirm your fishing spot. Make sure it’s close to the fishes’ shadows beneath the water.

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As the cast is laid, you can move it around to the left or the right to get closer to your determined fish. It will likely then bite the cast, starting the process. When this occurs, a white light forms on the water’s surface. Make sure to keep the caught animal within this boundary. If it steers off course, you’ll lose it. You know you’re in danger if the line turns red. It would be neat if this happened in real life.

How to keep hold of the fish

When trying to catch the fish, it will struggle against you. Make sure you move the cast against the direction of the fish you’re catching. If it jumps in the air, press the reel button to stun it. This will make it easier to pull it closer to you. If you follow these instructions, you should have the fish in your hands. Carve it to make ingredients for meals later.

Sea of Stars is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.