Doctor Who

Doctor Who Gets New Trailer For 60th Anniversary Specials

Doctor Who has been on a bit of a hiatus as things at the BBC and other parties had to be worked out, and it’s been a hard wait as the last time we saw The Doctor, they had a “familiar face” after the regeneration of Jodie Whittaker. That face being…David Tennant! Yep, the 10th Doctor is now the 14th Doctor and a 3-part special will welcome him back to the world while also honoring the 60th anniversary of the franchise. The first trailer for the 3-part event has dropped, and it brings back many old faces, including a very old enemy.

As was teased so long ago, Donna Noble is back, and her life is on the life as a new series of extraordinary events threaten to undo everything The Doctor did to save her life at the end of his original series. But that’s not all! Neil Patrick Harris is playing…The Toymaker! A villain who first tangled with the First Doctor is back with a new form and many new games to play. Can the Doctor and Donna figure out how to beat him at his own game? Or will death come for them both? Plus, a new Doctor is coming…

Check out the new Doctor Who 60th Anniversary trailer below!