Disney Lorcana Cards Are Sold Out Yet About Everywhere

Almost every franchise nowadays seems to have its very own tabletop game, whether that be a board game or a card game. It seems that Disney has finally joined the running with their version of a card game that reminds many of us with the likes of Pokemon but with beloved Disney characters. The series is called Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game and, so far, only features a couple of different booster box sets and mats. However, with any card drops, sometimes it is hard to get your hands on the ones you want with limited quality.

Lorcana Trading Card Game Is Selling Out Quick

Lorcana takes after Pokemon in a way that it offers binders, sleeves, booster packs, and boxes. While many sites like Best Buy, Target, and Disney’s website are all sold out of the Disney Lorcana cards, some buyers will be in luck to learn that Ravensburger still has some in stock. While not every item is able to be shipped, some can be purchased. Below is a list of what items can be bought from the site at the time of writing.

Ravenburger – the brand that makes the Disney Lorcana cards, plans to be restocking more of the products soon to other retailing sites. Right now, it is just overwhelming for the company with so many orders of these brand-new cards being placed. The portfolios are one item that sold out the fastest, especially the adorable Stitch one. The portfolios are basically binders that collectors use to display their cards and keep them safe from dirt and dust.

The cards went live in Disney earlier in August, but they are now available online in limited quantities, so they will be a bit hard to come by for a while until more are in stock. Hopefully, everyone can grab their own from the Ravensburger website in the meantime.