DanMachi: Battle Chronicle’s 1st Summer Event Now Live

Aiming Inc. announces that its new battle action RPG game “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle” (hereinafter referred to as DanChro) has released its limited-time event “Tokimeki Orario Summer! First Part: A Controversial Pool Date.”

Battle Chronicle

Hestia and Lili appear in swimsuits! Limited-time event “Tokimeki Orario Summer! First Part” is now live!

The limited-time event ”Tokimeki Orario Summer! First Part: A Controversial Pool Date!” starts Tuesday, September 12, 2023 (JST). Characters such as Hestia will appear in swimsuits in this event. The event can be enjoyed through an original story that takes place in “Orario Summerland” which has been newly constructed in the labyrinth city of Orario. Play DanChro now to receive Selas, upgrade materials, and Scene Cards obtainable from the event exclusive login bonuses and additional login bonuses to support players that will be held during the event.

The gods suddenly decided to build a gigantic pool facility in Orario for their subjects suffering in the immense heat and also… to see some interesting action in swimsuits! The pool labeled Orario Summerland is a… no-men-allowed facility! Without knowing the rules, Hestia and Lili head to Summerland fantasizing a pool date with Bell, bringing along Mikoto and Haruhime.

The event will run Tuesday, September 12, 2023 12:00 – Tuesday, October 10, 2023 (Until Maintenance / JST)

***Maintenance schedule subject to change.

Adventurer “Captivating Supporter: Liliruca Arde” & Assist Character “Goddess of the Beach: Hestia” arrive to DanChro!

The two characters starring in the “Tokimeki Orario Summer! First Part“ will arrive to the game as Adventurer and Assist characters. “Captivating Supporter: Liliruca Arde” is the first Adventurer in the game to have a “field effect,” while “Goddess of the Beach: Hestia” is an Assist Character that can enhance your party’s Water Attribute damage. Obtaining characters does not only allow players to add them to your party, but can also be admired in the Home screen. And don’t miss out on their special enjoyable character episodes, either!


Celebrate 2,000,000+ Downloads globally! All players to receive 10 consecutive Gacha draws’ worth of Selas as part of a new commemorative campaign!

Since its official launch on August 24, 2023, DanChro has been downloaded over 2,000,000 times globally. To celebrate this achievement, all players will receive Selas worth 10 consecutive Gacha draws. Haven’t tried DanChro yet? Now is your opportunity to dive in and reap your rewards!

For more information about the 2,000,000 Global Downloads Celebration Campaign, see below.

Summer Event

2,000,000 Global Downloads Celebration Campaign

Gifts: 3,000 Selas

Gift distribution period: Currently live ~ end September 19th 23:59 (JST)

*You can find information about this campaign and others from within the game.

Source: Press Release