Crunchyroll Announces the Addition of Right Stuf Products to Their Store

Anime fans can get an early jump on their holiday shopping. Crunchyroll, the ultimate home for anime worldwide, will expand its online store with the addition of Right Stuf products and inventory on October 10. Crunchyroll announced the acquisition of Right Stuf in August 2022 and this integration will enrich the shopping experience for the anime community by offering even more ways for fans to express their love for the medium. With the integration, the Right Stuf store will redirect to Crunchyroll and all products will be available to purchase on the Crunchyroll eCommerce store.

Starting October 10, Crunchyroll’s newly expanded eCommerce store will boast a collection of over 30,000 products, encompassing a diverse range of over 4,000 titles. From beloved pop culture icons to timeless classics, anime enthusiasts and collectors have an unparalleled trove of anime products at their fingertips. The Crunchyroll Store also broadens the manga, home video, and plushies categories. The store will feature exciting AAA items such as Hime’s Quest, the original game based on Crunchyroll’s mascot, a Limited Edition Blu-ray + DVD of the My Dress Up Darling – The Complete Season,  One Piece Manga Volume 100, and Hiei Yu Yu Hakusho Nendoroid Figure to name a few.

“The expansion of the Crunchyroll Store underscores our commitment to providing fans with the ultimate destination for anime-inspired merchandise and collectibles,” said Terry Li, EVP of Emerging Business at Crunchyroll. “Commerce is an important element of the anime lifestyle that allows fans to proudly display their passion, and we look forward to growing the global love of anime by continuing to expand our eCommerce capabilities.”

For more information and to explore the extensive array of products, visit the Crunchyroll Store at

Source: Press Release