Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy Gets New Trailer and Release Date!

Are you ready for an updated helping of…JUSTICE!?!!? If so, get ready for the Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy! This updated version of the classic handheld titles has been long asked for by fans, especially since the first game came out on the Nintendo DS many years ago. The two follow-up titles on the 3DS were very popular, and now you can get all three games from the second Ace Attorney trilogy on console and PC on January 25th!

Capcom announced this last night at the Tokyo Game Show, and dropped a new trailer showing off the improved graphics, sound design, and all you’ll be doing in the cases. We love Ace Attorney hear on Outerhaven, and I’m a BIG fan of these three titles. So hopefully, it’ll sell well, and we can FINALLY get Ace Attorney 7!