Where to locate the Bamboo Shoots in DragonBall Z Kakarot

If you are like me and have been playing the DLC of DragonBall Z Kakarot as I have been, you might have reached the epilogue of the DLC. Once you finish beating Piccolo, the world opens up, and you are now able to take on a slew of side quests. One of those side quests is called “A Little Alone Time?” , where Chi-Chi asks you to gather ingredients for dinner after a surprise visit happens.

She specifically asks you for Eggs, Dino Meat, and Bamboo Shoot. The first one is relatively easy, as eggs are all over the farms in this game. If you want an exact location go to West City and just travel around the markets, and you can buy eggs or find some near Capsule Corporation. The second item Dino Meat requires you to just take meat from a walking dinosaur. You can look at your map in the mountains area, and you will see a dinosaur icon on all the dinosaurs in the area.

That leads us to the most difficult item to find in this DLC, the Bamboo Shoot. That is actually near Grandpa Gohan’s house.

Dragonball Z Kakarot A Little Alone Time Bamboo Shoot
Go here to get a Bamboo Shoot

Once there, check the ground and try looking for shiny orbs near bamboo trees.

Dragonball Z Kakarot A Little Alone Time?

Once you find the Bamboo Shoot, you can now go and give the ingredients to Chi-Chi and finish the quest! Time for some more thug beat downs!

Dragonball Z Kakarot is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.