Virtual Remix Japan to Hold Live Virtual Performance with FLOW

Toppan is currently holding the popular metaverse event entitled VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN™ to showcase the culture and allure of Japan to people all over the world.

Gugenka will host a virtual live performance by the rock band FLOW (Amuse). The members of FLOW, which has performed theme songs for numerous anime productions and enjoys considerable popularity overseas, will transform into avatars and deliver a dynamic live performance to fans around the world, combined with digital effects that cannot be experienced in the real world.

LIVE schedule(JST)

  • 18th Aug 23:00~24:00
  • 19 th Aug 12:00~13:00
  • 20 th Aug 07:00~08:00
  • 25 th Aug 23:00~24:00
  • 26 th Aug 12:00~13:00
  • 27 th Aug 07:00~08:00

Tickets for live performance:

  • Sponsor ticket     27,500 JPY(in tax)
  • Gold Ticket         11,000 JPY(in tax)
  • Pair ticket            6,600 JPY(in tax)
  • Standard ticket     3,850 JPY(in tax)

*For details, please visit the official website:

Source: Press Release