TOKYOPOP Highlights Why I Adopted My Husband

Publisher TOKYOPOP highlights an inspiring true story of how a gay couple in Japan formalized their union by adapting a legal loophole in the manga, WHY I ADOPTED MY HUSBAND.

Why I Adopted My Husband

The single-volume story, written and illustrated by Yuta Yagi, is available now in print and digital formats and published under TOKYOPOP’s “Comics That Matter” initiative that utilizes the graphic novel medium to raise awareness about important causes and social issues. WHY I ADOPTED MY HUSBAND is the first autobiographical manga to be published by TOKYOPOP and is appropriate for readers aged 13+

As a gay couple living in Japan (where gay marriage is not yet legal), Yuta and Kyota found a unique loophole to live together and support one another financially, legally, and medically; Kyota adopted Yuta. This nonfiction manga depicts how they met, living together, discussions with their parents, and their future anxieties and determination as they strive for independence and equal rights under Japanese law.

Yuta Yagi is a self-described otaku living in Japan with his partner, Kyota. He is best known for his autobiographical manga, WHY I ADOPTED MY HUSBAND.

Yuki Yagi says, “I think it is even more important to consider how people with various ways of living and thinking can come to terms and live together in one country. Rather than making the world conform to an ideal based on the ideas of only a few people. I wish everyone overseas to make full use of their rights and pursue their own happiness.”

“LGBTQ+ couples face challenges in many countries over how to legalize their relationships,” says TOKYOPOP Editor, Lena Atanassova. “WHY I ADOPTED MY HUSBAND is part memoir, part informational literature that highlights the importance of legally recognized unions when it comes to matters of hospital rights, inheritance, and the everyday privileges many people in Japan may take for granted. This nonfiction work is told in an approachable tone with plenty of humor; ultimately, it’s an inspiring story of the triumph of love. TOKYOPOP is committed to supporting and elevating diverse voices, and we are very excited to share the English release of Mr. Yagi’s manga.”

Source: Press Release