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Super Mario Bros Wonder Direct Delivers Big Details On Game

When Super Mario Bros Wonder was announced in June, gamers were stunned by the creativity and uniqueness that the title exhumed. However, we were also a bit shy about details and how things would shake out. Today, Nintendo dropped a massive Direct about the game and explained everything that we would get to enjoy. For example, we already knew that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Daisy would be playable. But now we know that multiple Yoshi’s and Nabbit will be playable, too! Use them if you wish to cruise through the game with less of a challenge.

We also got a huge look at the Flower Kingdom, where the game is set. Bowser gets a hold of the Wonder Flower and transforms into a FREAKING CASTLE!!!! …and things go from bad to worse from there. The new kingdom won’t just offer new locales to visit but scores of new enemies for Mario and crew to deal with. Still not enough for you? There’s a new “Badge” system that’ll give your character new abilities in levels. You’ll have the ability to sometimes take levels out of order in certain places. There are multiple new powerups to take part in outside of being an elephant. And the hits just keep on coming!

Plus, Super Mario Bros Wonder will offer local co-op play and a unique take on online play. As if that’s not enough, a special “Mario Red” Nintendo Switch OLED will arrive on October 6th. Check out the full Direct below for all the details: