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Starfield Drops Official History Timeline

While it’s true that most people are interested in Starfield, Bethesda’s next big title, because of its gameplay and exploration, that’s not the only thing you should consider going in. After all, Bethesda is known for making their titles story-rich, right? And today, they showed exactly how lore-heavy their upcoming title will be by dropping the game’s “official timeline.” It starts all the way back in 2050 when humanity reaches Mars, and then takes it all the way to 2328 after a star station and planet become a deep space scanner called “The Eye.”

In between, you’ll learn about how humanity colonized the stars, the various factions that popped up, and inevitably, the multiple wars that took place and who won them. How important this history will be to you in your quest remains a bit unclear. However, this content could be a tease for everything that’s coming! Check out the full timeline before diving into Starfield next month.

Note: If you go to the website via the link in the tweet, scroll all the way to the bottom area to see the full timeline.