Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix

Square Enix is Giving Away a Final Fantasy VII LEGO Set

Have you ever wanted to become Reeve Tuesti and build your very own slice of Midgar? Back in January, Square Enix took to Twitter to offer Final Fantasy VII fans the chance to choose one of four scenes to become a LEGO Set. Well, the fans have spoken.

Yesterday, the Final Fantasy VII Twitter account announced the winner: The Sector 5 Church! Those who played the game will remember the location as the site of the second meeting between Cloud and Aerith. The set even comes complete with Aerith’s flowerbed, which provide a surprisingly cushy landing for Cloud, who crashes through the roof. And yes, it even has a chunk missing from the ceiling.

And two lucky people will win this set, with a promotion running from now until August 11th. In order to enter, participants must accomplish these three tasks:

Once someone does these three things, they will be considered officially entered. The two winners will receive notification within 30 days of the entry period closing via direct message. They will then have seven days to accept. And why would you need to think about it?

Note that the promotion is only available to those in North America and Europe, with some territories in the two continents excluded. As such, check here for the official rules and regulations.

With 10,000 retweets at the time of posting, the Final Fantasy VII LEGO set seems popular. Though keep in mind, you also have to also like the Tweet and follow the account to be considered.

The set itself comes with the church as well as figures of Cloud and Aerith. The church looks wondrous and detailed while the figures seem to be… losing face. Literally. They aren’t mini figures, so if you’re a lucky winner, you may wish to design your own Final Fantasy VII LEGO figures. Which technically anyone could do here, winner or not (Cloud seems easier to make than Aerith). Still, having that official set to place them in certainly sweetens the deal.