Shadow of the Ninja Reborn

Shadow of the Ninja Reborn is Heading to the West for Console and PC

Natsume Atari Inc. and ININ have announced that Shadow of the Ninja Reborn, a remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic title, Shadow of the Ninja, is in development and will make its way over to the West in Q1 2024. The title is known as KAGE Shadow of The Ninja in Japan.

While the first game was an 8-bit game, this remake will be given the 16-bit treatment, similar to Pocky & Rockey Reshrined, which was released in 2022, and this is the fourth 16-bit style remake from TENGO PROJECT.  Shadow of the Ninja Reborn will feature simultaneous two-player co-op gameplay, just like the original game. In addition, Iku Mizutani has returned to score the remake’s soundtrack. I can already tell from the trailer that the soundtrack will be glorious.

These are the remakes developed as part of the TENGO PROJECT for those wondering.

  • Pocky & Rocky Reshrined
  • Ninja Warriors Once Again
  • Wild Guns Reloaded
  • Shadow of the Ninja Reborn

Speaking of which, there will be a playable demo if you’re heading over to the Toyko Game Show 2023. So be sure to get some hands-on, if possible.

I’ll admit, I’m excited about this news, as I played the original game a lot. I can still remember being stuck at my grandparent’s house for the summer, renting this along with several other games from Blockbuster Video, and raging out on how darn hard the game was. Then again, my co-players were terrible at video games, which didn’t help. Ah, good memories. I’m looking forward to this, that’s for sure.

Shadow of the Ninja Reborn will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC sometime in Spring 2024.

Shadow of the Ninja Reborn Screenshot-01 Shadow of the Ninja Reborn Screenshot-02 Shadow of the Ninja Reborn Screenshot-03