Persona 5 Tactica Shows Off Gameplay in Newest Trailer

Persona 5 Tactica unveils its newest gameplay and new elements in its newest trailer.

We are introduced to what the Phantom Thieves will be facing off against, a military group called the Legionnaires that span different realms. From a French Revolution to a Feudal Japan era setting. Fans who are familiar with Person will feel right at home, with element attacks like Zionga and Garudyne being utilized in combat and the one-more turn when you attack an enemy’s weakness. As this game is a turn-based strategy, you can recognize elements that are shared in the genre. Such as XCOM, and  Mario + Rabbids in terms of the cover system and position of your units. It also takes into account height, so taking the high ground and fall damage when knocking off enemies will play into strategy formation.  The new way in this game that allows for an all-out attack is the triple threat. You will able to conduct a triple threat attack when you surround a group of enemies in a triangle formation.

Difficulty options will be the same as other Persona games, ranging from Safe to Merciless difficulty, and able to switch between any time in-game. This will set how much you will be able to use the Baton pass, which happens when one of your party members falls in battle. You are able to switch out to another member to replace him/her. However, the difficulty will set how much you can baton pass. With easier difficulty allows for more use, and harder difficulty is only once.

You will also be able to upgrade your members via skill trees. Very akin to Mario + Rabbids, you can customize skills to suit your play style. Naturally, the Velvet Room returns in which you will be able to upgrade your Personas to suit the situation. This service will be provided again by Lavenza, whom you originally met near the end of Persona 5. It is also interesting to see that the Velvet Room is now a forge.

At the end of the trailer, we also see the DLC content in English dub. The Repaint Your Heart DLC, featuring Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa, which will be available at launch.

Persona 5 Tatica will be available on November 17 on PS4, Ps5, Pc, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch