Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Nears 130 Million Units Sold

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for Nintendo to drop their big quarterly numbers, and that means we find out how well the Nintendo Switch is doing sales-wise. At this point in its life cycle, the real question is more of a “how high can it climb?” kind of deal. So what is the result? Well, according to Nintendo, the Switch is just under 130 million units sold. For context, during the financial results that ended on March 31st, the Switch was at 125 million units sold.

So that means that the Switch sold about 5 million units during April-June. That shouldn’t be too much of a shock, given the big game that was released back in May. Whether the Nintendo Switch can maintain that kind of sales number over the current three months is debatable because there aren’t as many monumental releases coming out.

Even still,  that’s a big win for Nintendo and something we should be happy about.