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Nintendo President Talks “Harsh Battle” To Get People To “Spend Time” On Video Games

There are many levels to the video game community, and for those of us in the “lower tiers,” such as journalists and consumers, it’s hard for us to think about all the “angles” that those in the top spots of big developers and companies have to think about. It’s not just simply “make video games,” it’s a complicated process to determine what is best for the company and the customers. For Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, he noted in an interview (translated by Nintendo Everything) that The Big N can’t rest on its laurels given everything that’s out there for people to take in entertainment-wise:

“We always keep in mind that if we do not keep putting out things that people truly want, they’ll get bored of us. Right now, there are various forms of entertainment besides video games. I believe that making people want to spend their precious time on video games, and Nintendo games no less, is a very harsh battle. We approach everything while resolved to the fact that at any time, people may start thinking they do not need Nintendo games anymore.”

That’s an interesting point of view, and there are many who might disagree with it, given the state of gaming. However, The Big has made it clear that they’re the most consistent when putting out AAA titles, and they likely don’t want to lose that credibility. Plus, if this “harsh battle” gets them to produce ever greater games? Then we’re all the better for it.