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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 341 – Loveless

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here, and there is NOT love in the air as you’re about to find out!

First up, the guys talk about their gaming exploits! Todd continues to enjoy his Final Fantasy VII Remake run…outside of a certain character interaction… Will also has been playing the remake, but also the “joys” of Pokemon Sleep! Finally, Scott has been enjoying a new indie game that he’s just released a review for, as well as the new Kakarot DLC!

Then, in the news, the trio talk about their doomed battle in the latest Splatfest! How did Love lose the battle? Was former host Tyler Kelbaugh responsible for this loss? How much fury will be unleashed? You’ll find out! Also, Splatoon 3 dropped a TON of news, The Pokemon Company has been giving some unique explanations for things, Fire Emblem made its Death Battle debut, and more!

Finally, in the main event, the guys discuss the newest gaming library shutdown and what must be done to save games for history’s sake!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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