Nintendo Entertainment Podcast

Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 339 – The Only One For Me

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here, and the guys will have much to do as they discuss sales figures, future films, and plenty of rumors!

But first, the guys discuss their newest gaming exploits! Todd talks about finishing The Last of Us Part 1, and getting ready to play Final Fantasy VII Intergrade! Oh, and he fumes about the evil that is Teddy from Persona 4 Golden! Then, Will talks more about his Pikmin 4 experience, more adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, and beyond! Finally, Scott reveals more about Dokapon Kingdom and a new game in Crimson Tactics!

Then, in the news! The guys break down the latest Nintendo Switch financial data! How is the hardware doing? What software titles have made waves? Also, Fire Emblem is FINALLY coming to Death Battle!!! Add to that, Super Mario Bros Wonder, and Sonic Superstars have gotten more details about their villains, MercurySteam praises Nintendo, and what new rumors about the Nintendo Switch successor have come out this week?

Finally, a new video by Masahiro Sakurai begs the question, “What does it take to take up the banner for a franchise and keep it good?” The guys break it down.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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