New Song Stirs Betrayal in Deep Cut in Splatoon 3

The newest song of Splatoon 3 reveals recent events that have been happening with the music group Deep Cut.

Aptly titled “Big Betrayal”, it reveals Big Man’s collaboration with the Squid Sisters, Callie, and Marie, of the first Splatoon. During the last season, there was a new debut song titled “Liquid Sunshine” by the Squid Sisters feat. Ian BGM.

If you hear the song and read the lyrics, you can hear a certain familiar AY. Needless to say, Ian BGM is just an alias cover for Big Man.  Shiver and Fyre discovered this collab and confronted Big Man on why he would go to the Squid Sisters. Big Man explained it was for the purpose of building relations between the two groups. Though Shiver responded if they ever wanted to collaborate, it better be compensated with cold cash. The song then proceeds on after.

This song will be playing in the next Splatfest, which will take place the weekend of September 8 to 10. Funny as the topic of the Splatfest is who would make the best leader in Deep Cut. Shiver, Fyre, or Big Man? Personally, I must side with Shiver, with the recent track record of victories of late. But Big Man has the high ground of wanting to bring people together with friendship and love. However, players have thought otherwise if the last Splatfest was any indication.

Do you think Big Man betrayed Shiver and Frye? Who will you be joining in the Splatfest in September and will you participate in the new season? It time to splat again soon.

Splatoon 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.