Modern Warfare III

Activision and Sledgehammer Drop Modern Warfare III Teaser

You just can’t keep a certain franchise down, right? Call of Duty has been going back to its “modern roots” to get interested back in the franchise, and that’s exactly what they managed to do. Despite the confusing names, as they’re literally the same ones from the 2000s titles, gamers have been lapping up the return of these “modern titles.” To that end, we all knew that  Call of Duty Modern Warfare III would eventually arrive. We just needed confirmation from Activision, and sure enough, we got that confirmation today.

A teaser for Call of Duty Modern Warfare III has dropped, and it teases a new threat that is emerging in the world. Various lines can be heard in the teaser, including “cutting the head off the snake is nothing new,” and we also see the faces of characters we’re likely to meet in the game. We also got the release date of November 10th, 2023.

You can check out the teaser below: