Manga Review: Choujin X Vol. 3

Choujin XTitle: Choujin X Vol. 3
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 228
Genre: Supernatural, Battle
Publication Date: August 15, 2023

The Story

In Volume 3 of Choujin X, we see Ely adapting to school and training at the same time. When Tokio sees this, it makes him wonder what he’s doing with his life. He begins to contemplate whether or not he should make some changes and become a Keeper alongside Ely. As he’s doing this, Momoma comes to pick up Ely to take her shopping; however, a job comes up and she has to cancel. Tokio goes in her stead and when they get to the store, they are met with the most horrifying choujin to ever exist. A choujin so obscene that it bends the fabric of reality and makes you question the thing that should not be.

The Package Choujin!

Yes… Sui Ishida took the time to draw a cardboard box with legs that turns people into boxes. He’s a political nut who thinks that Capitalism is destroying the world so the solution is to just package everybody on the planet. After the battle is over, they return home where there is a festival going on. In the middle of it, Tokio gets kidnapped so we now go on a rescue mission. Azuma ends up tagging along against everyone’s orders and that lands him into a bit of trouble.. or has it?


Tokio received a little more development here. Wondering what to make of himself and contemplating his future is something he’s done before but he’s becoming a bit more determined now. It’s almost if he is breaking out of his meek and timid shell and he has Ely to thank for all of that. Jealousy is a bit of a factor in this one, too, but whatever you have to use for motivation to better yourself, then use it. That’s what Tokio is contemplating on doing… whether or not he pulls the trigger is a whole other scenario.

Azuma received a LOT of development in this volume but some will end up spoiling the plot. I will say that his will and determination to protect others are still there. To protect Tokio, his friend, is even stronger and this is why he gets involved in the search and rescue mission. The thing is, he’s acting independently which means for as smart as he thinks he is, he’s still prone to making stupid mistakes born from stubbornness. Well, that stubbornness ended up getting him in a bit of trouble; however, what came of it at the end was both expected and slightly unexpected at the same time!

For an octopus that uses Lovecraftian horror to scare the soul out of his opponents, Ricardo is actually pretty compassionate. He offered to feed Tokio while he was kidnapped and looked after him with care. Even mercenaries have hearts, I suppose. Even though he’s doing this for money, he actually cares about the people he’s paid to do whatever to. Kind of odd for a villain to have sympathy but it’s a cool dynamic!

Lastly, we have Konan… sorry… I mean Ririka. As if it were taken right out of a page from Naruto, Ririka has the ability to make anything out of paper, turn herself into paper, or anything she touches into paper. In fact, that’s how Tokio gets kidnapped… he got turned into an envelope! Ririka is pretty powerful and a master at her powers. She’s going to be tough to take down but she lacks complete compassion, unlike Ricardo. She only cares about getting paid as the reward for the job is her only goal.

Final Thoughts

Another great edition of Choujin X! We received some nice character development, established the threat of some new (albeit temporary) villains, and received a nice little twist in the plot at the end that was… a little confusing to say the least. Still, it’s nice to see Tokio begin to decide to become a Keeper. Whether or not he goes through with it is another story; however, after everything ended the way it did, I’m sure he’ll be swayed in that direction. In fact, I can see a particular 3-man cell forming between these characters which will be interesting.

As for the rest, even though most of the volume felt like filler (really, a Package Choujin?), when the story picked up, it picked up hard and we got some great action and some great development. I’m looking forward to the big fight that’s going to kick off the fourth volume and to see the fallout from it as well. Knowing the two characters that will be fighting, I imagine that this is going to end with some interference… probably on behalf of Yamato Mori’s members.

Either way, it should be good!

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