Manga Review: A Galaxy Next Door Vol. 5

A Galaxy Next DoorTitle: A Galaxy Next Door Vol. 5
Author: Gido Amagakure
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Publication Date: July 11, 2023

The Story

The fifth volume of A Galaxy Next Door started off with Goshiki receiving news from Keigo and Makado that her father had felt faint and fell, injuring himself. On top of that, her mother had been acting strangely as well. It was requested that she return to the island to personally check up on them. Goshiki decides to go and takes Kuga and the kids with her.

When they arrive, Goshiki discovers that her father felt faint because of the pact between him and her mother. Since he was acting weird, it had a negative effect on him. With that cleared, Goshiki takes in the island but Kuga wants to know if she is going to end up staying and/or coming back. Goshiki makes her decision and confronts her mother about it. The conversation is really difficult but she gets through it.

When they return from the island, Kuga makes a decision himself… one that will change their futures.


Once again, Kuga and Goshiki take center stage for development. When Goshiki returned to the island to check on her father, she made a very important decision. She weighed what was truly important to her and finally found the words that she needed to convey that message. It really showed her growth and strength as a character.

Kuga did a great job being there to support Goshiki through her decision. He even became selfless and told her he would support her in either outcome. Through this island trip, Kuga also came to realize his true feelings as well and how it was in relation to when they were bound through her stinger. This prompted him to weigh those feelings and make a decision regarding his future.

Makado and Keigo also went through a bit of development through Goshiki’s decision. Both of them always saw Goshiki as the princess but because of the way she had changed since meeting Kuga, they had to learn to view her as something more than just a princess. Even Keigo questioned whether or not his love for Goshiki was natural or simply bound by the stone that kicked off their current lineage/island life.

Final Thoughts

Well… from the very beginning, I felt that the pacing for this series was a bit fast and those suspicions were validated when I discovered that the next volume is the final volume. With the way things developed in this one, ending it in Volume 6 seems like the logical call here. We will see the fallout from Kuga’s decision about his future and, possibly, an epilogue. After all, we did a three-month time skip in this one after they returned from the island.

I don’t think that there are many loose ends to tie up in this series simply because of its pacing. It wasn’t filled with deep-rooted storylines but rather very simplistic, well-laid-out plot points that didn’t overstay their welcome. This allowed the series to head to its conclusion without worrying about whether or nothing something will be missed.

I think with what’s left, we should be able to tie up Kuga and Goshiki’s future, their status as manga authors, Goshiki’s parents, and, well… that’s it because that’s all that is left unresolved. This was another great volume so we will see how everything wraps up in the final volume when it comes out in…

Um… when does it come out?

MARCH 2024!? (It’s August 2023 as of the time of this review).


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