Secret Invasion, Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers Roasts Secret Invasion In All The Best Ways

Let’s be honest with ourselves before we break down a very honest trailer. There is a growing group of fans that wonder if the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be able to continue, given the underwhelming films and TV shows that have come out since Endgame. Phase 4 is generally considered the worst section of the MCU, and Phase 5 isn’t going much better. Fast forward to now, and many fans point to Secret Invasion (read our review here!) as further proof of how far the MCU has fallen, and Honest Trailers agrees with them.

As they fairly note, one of the biggest problems with Secret Invasion is its portrayal of Nick Fury and how he’s touted as a “broken old man” versus the spymaster that we all know him to be. It also calls out a familiar trope of the villains having the high ground…until they go too extreme and suddenly they’re just “stereotypical villains.” Add to that the bad CGI of the final fight, the main villain that was so bad he didn’t even get named in the trailer, and you can see why many are going to agree with this breakdown.

You can watch the Honest Trailers video below. And no, a Skrull didn’t make this…thank goodness: