EVO 2023 - Rick TheHadou Thiher

EVO 2024 Dates Already Set, EVO Japan Returning, and a New EVO Event Planned

While the EVO 2023 Fighting Game Championships are now over, though still fresh in my mind, there was some mind-blowing news revealed prior to its ending. While we normally have to wait for half a year or more before we know the date of the next NA EVO event, EVO GM Rick “TheHadou” took to the stage and revealed that EVO 2024 will take place from July 26th to July 28th, 2023. Now, we all have an entire year to get ready for the biggest fighting game tournament in North America (or the world).

That’s not all, as EVO is also heading back to Japan in 2024. This will mark the return of EVO Japan, which started off as a spin-off of its North American counterpart and was held yearly; it wasn’t until 2022 that EVO Japan was officially revealed. The Evo Japan 2024 tournament will be held from April 27th to 29th, 2024, and will be held at the Ariake GYM-EX, which is the same revue used to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With Evo heading back to Japan, this location is being updated to prepare for the influx of players and visitors that will visiting come next year.

Lastly, TheHadou teased that a new EVO tournament is in the making and will be held in a different location, in addition to the one held in Las Vegas and Japan. As he stated it, the news was a “reveal of a reveal,” and he wasn’t ready to announce where this new revue would be hosted at. While I’d love for another EVO event to be hosted in the states, mainly on the East Coast, I suspect this will either be located in Brazil or the UK, as both countries have a massive FGC growing, and would be perfect for another EVO event. We’ll have to wait until the powers that be are ready to announce where and when this new EVO event will take place.

EVO 2023 was amazing, and I couldn’t stop watching the final Tekken 7 tournament, and the first Street Fighter 6 tournament had me on the edge of my chair. It also had me dead tired as it didn’t end until the next day, as I’m on the East Coast. Regardless, I loved watching it, and I’m happy to see that a Ken Master player (AngryBird) got some love as well.