Screenshot of Steam Dokapon Kingdom Connect version

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Reveals Steam Gameplay


Today Idea Factory International has unveiled three brand new trailers detailing gameplay mechanics running in the PC version of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. They have stated that the Steam release of the game will be more of a port of the Nintendo Switch version than a new PC native version entirely.

We get to see some combat gameplay and it seems to be a port of the Nintendo Switch as Idea Factory has already stated. Even the controller prompts are still the same as the Nintendo Switch version. Luckily with the fact that the controls are designed with the placement of the UI in mind, it makes it easy to figure out what button does what on any controller. Makes me wonder how the keyboard and mouse will transition to the game.

To those of you watching and planning on picking up the game, just note Weber is not someone you want to run into in the game. We get some insights into Gutz, Roche and even a father of one of the temples.

I enjoy the designs of the classes in this game. This trailer does show off some of the best class designs with the spellsword and normal fighter. Also, note that male and female classes have entirely different appearances. You may like the way a female pulls off the fighter or a male pulls off a thief better.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, fans can grab the game at a 15% weeklong launch discount. Fans can also head to the official Steam store page and add the game to their wishlist today.

*The Steam® version of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will be a port of the Nintendo Switch™ version. Please note that users can change between English voiceover with English text and Japanese voiceover with Japanese text. – Press Release

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is currently on Nintendo Switch, and will release on Steam September 7th, 2023.