Developer Delayed Showcase 2024

Devolver Digital’s Method of Announcing Game Delays is Actually Pretty Clever

While nobody likes game delays, it’s a part of game development, and as such, the indie publisher Devolver Digital has perhaps figured out a way to perhaps make announcing delays less painful. Introducing Devolver Delayed, a short video that not only shows what games the publisher has on tap but also breaks the news on which games are being delayed.

As revealed by the Developer Delayed video, the publisher has broken the news that these titles have been pushed into 2024:

Pepper & Grinder
The Plucky Squire
Stick it to The Stickman
Anger Foot
Skate Story

While the following games are still on track for a 2023 release:

Wizard with a Gun
The Talos Principle II
The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood