Alchemy Stars Valley Oasis: Glittering Butterflies & Midsummer Vows Limited Time Event

Yesterday, Level Infinite announced the introduction of the all-new Alchemy Stars limited time event, Valley Oasis: Glittering Butterflies & Midsummer Vows.

The Valley Oasis: Glittering Butterflies & Midsummer Vows event features New Resource events, Limited Time Recruitments, Unlockable Events, Limited Time Log-In rewards, new UI Adjustments and Optimizations, and so much more.

Valley Oasis: Glittering Butterflies & Midsummer Vows event features:

  • New Gameplay Warm-Up: Resource Event

    • The launch of an exciting new map exploration gameplay is scheduled for August 16th, preceded by a warm-up Resource Event.

    • Navigators can complete daily event quests to earn substantial amounts of Jasper and ascension materials and level up Aurorians Tessa and Chandra to the designated ascension levels to receive additional ascension materials and other rewards.

  • Funfair Special Limited-Time Recruitment

    • Recruit 10 times to get one of the featured 6-Star Aurorians

    • Navigators are guaranteed to get at least one of the following 6-Star Aurorians: Tina, Hati, Jeno, or Pollux

  • Limited-time Recruitment Featuring New Aurorians: Lorelei, Cena, and Bopper

    • During the Carefree Mustang limited-time recruitment event, Navigators will have a 50% chance of getting Lorelie when recruiting 6-Star Aurorians

    • During the In the Moment limited-time recruitment event, Navigators will have a 50% chance of getting Cena when recruiting 6-Star Aurorians

  • Unlockable Event—Go! Race to the End of the World!

    • Clear all stages of this unlockable event to get Lumamber ×480, Jasper, and other upgrade resources.

    • Navigators who participated in Go! Race to the End of the World! when it was first released will still be able to claim rewards from the event in Travel Memories.

  •  Limited-Time Offer: Lumocrystal Discount

    • During the event period, 2 additional limited-time special recharge tiers will be added to the Lumocrystal recharge screen.

    • Navigators can enjoy up to 40% off

  • Rewards and Bonuses

    • Navigators can earn log-in rewards each day to receive Lumamber ×100, upgrade materials, and more.

    • Over the span of the 4-week event, logging in on the weekends of week 2, 3 and 4 can earn Navigators plenty of rewards.

    • 20 Prism and 2 Carriers will be issued every day.

    • A free gift pack will be available in the store containing Nightium ×20,000, General Jasper II ×20, and Order Box II ×20 (5 each of each element)

    • For all of their support, Navigators can collect Lumamber ×500, Background: Nightfall Plaza as a token of appreciation

Alchemy Stars is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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