Yen Press Announces Two New Licenses for 2023

Following a large slate of announcements at Anime Expo 2023, Yen Press announced two additional series to round out the 2023 lineup: the manga My Poison Princess Is Still Cute and the light novel A Certain Magical Index NT. These series are set to debut in December 2023.

My Poison Princess Is Still Cute

By Chihiro Sakutake

Yen Press

When demon princess Raffy married Roren, an immortal knight who safeguards humanity, as part of a new peace treaty between humans and demons, she hadn’t quite expected…that he’d fall for her?! Not only that, he’s weirdly stubborn enough to keep trying to get closer to her, despite repeatedly dying from the poison she naturally emits. Just how long will his adoration prevail…?

A Certain Magical Index NT

Original Story by Kazuma Kamachi
Illustration by Kiyotaka Haimura

After bringing an end to World War III, Touma Kamijou disappears from the world. Both sides—magic and science—take the time to rest and regroup. While Accelerator spends his days with Last Order and Misaka Worst, Shiage Hamazura uses the secrets he gained in Russia as a bargaining chip and returns to Academy City to reform Item. It seems like peace is here at last. That is, until a new group called the Freshmen arrive…

Off the heels of the upcoming August release of the gorgeous A Certain Magical Index: The Old Testament Omnibus Edition, fans of the series can rejoice in the highly anticipated release of this sequel series. A Certain Magical Index is an iconic light novel series that repeatedly ranked in the top ten of Takarajimasha’s This Light Novel Is Amazing! (Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!) guidebook, landing it in its Hall of Fame—an honor granted to only seven series in the past. A Certain Magical Index was adapted into a popular anime series that was largely responsible for spreading awareness of light novels to Western fans.

Source: Press Release