Werewolf Frankenstein to Launch Kickstarter Campaign on August 1

Get ready for a horrifying fusion of classic monsters and gripping storytelling as WEREWOLF FRANKENSTEIN #1 makes its terrifying debut on August 1st, 2023!

Werewolf Frankenstein

In observance of August’s dual full moons, acclaimed editor and writer Chris Robinson (Marvel) is debuting WEREWOLF FRANKENSTEIN #1, the premiere issue of a new original character from rising star artist Marc Yarza (Zenescope), colorist Steve Canon (Scout Comics), and letterer DC Hopkins (DC Comics).

When Frankenstein’s Monster is bitten by a lycanthrope, he’s afflicted by the same curse–but because of his patchwork body, the change is not complete…he’s a Werewolf Frankenstein! Time is running out as the lycanthropy spreads from limb to limb, organ to organ—before it eventually infects his brain and his humanity is lost for good! And what of Selene, the wolfwoman who needs Frankenstein’s allegiance? Meanwhile, Invisible Dracula has designs on both of them!

WEREWOLF FRANKENSTEIN #1 features covers by Raymond Gay & Daniel M. Chavez (Spawn), Davi Go (Moon Knight: City of the Dead), and Rahzzah (Black Panther); and limited edition tarot card-size art prints by surprise artists, to be announced during the campaign.

Copies from the limited first printing of WEREWOLF FRANKENSTEIN #1 will be available only through Kickstarter from full moon to full moon, August 1, 2023, to September 1, 2023. Horror enthusiasts, comics fans, and collectors can preorder their copy and be one of the first to experience this collision of classic monsters years in the making.

To support this campaign, visit its official page on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084996367/werewolf-frankenstein-1

Source: Press Release